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Natalia Abrams Talks Student Loan Debt on Arise XChange

“This is one of the first elections where every candidate is saying something about student loan debt. Unfortunately, they’re all focusing on the new student. So, we hear a lot about debt-free college and tuition free– and a little bit about the existing borrow. That’s where we come in. We need to help the 43 million people out there.”

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#GetMoneyOut of Politics and Help Student Loan Borrowers

With 43 million Americans shouldering $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, there’s clearly a student debt crisis in this country. So what’s stopping us from solving it? Money in politics. Companies like Sallie Mae make billions off of student loans, and they don’t mind using some of that to buy politicians, purchase influence, and fix the rules in their favor.

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I Was Alone, But I Wanted to Make Something of Myself

“I didn’t have my family to help me with college. I was alone, but I wanted to make something of myself. Well, with not being able to work- because college was so intense for me- I had to take out loans to support myself. I dealt with unemployment for many years because it was during the recession. I dropped out of college because I couldn’t work full time to support myself AND take a full load of work at college because I had two jobs to be stable. I lost motivation, I felt hopeless, and I was in total regret.”

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Student Loan Resources at

We teamed up with the AFL-CIO, and many more organizations, to create a whole new website dedicated to delivering you the student loan information you need- simply and easily.  Check out the free resources library at to help you tackle your student loan situation. We have filled this site with hundreds of trusted resources designed to help you cut through the nonsense, and make navigating your student loans that much easier.

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The Many Pitfalls of Private Student Loans

“The cost of college has gotten so outrageous that people are relying on these loans more, sometimes just to afford a state college,” said Natalia Abrams, executive director at Student Debt Crisis, an advocacy group.

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Real Life Student Debt Stories

Straight from those whose lives have been affected by the weight of student debt.  

For those who don’t want to take action, go ahead. Go right ahead… In my opinion, I’d much rather find a way to ease the debt or die trying then to live life everyday knowing that I’ll keep owing money to a corrupt state of affairs. Drew

I graduated in 2007 with $108,000 and today it has ballooned to $145,00 (50k is federal, 95k is private). Over the past 7 years I have paid over $40,000 towards these loans with none of it touching the principal. Jennifer

I owed about 40k in student loans about half private half federal. Due to times of unemployment or underemployment I now owe about 50k. I have had times of making serious payments, but it never got me ahead of any of it. Alexander

In The News

Latest Articles on The Student Debt Crisis

Congress’ Big Gift to For-Profit College EDMC, Student Loan Borrowers Still Hurting

After settling multiple law enforcement investigations this month on absurdly favorable terms, troubled for-profit college company Education Management Corp. (EDMC) may be on the verge of getting a sweetheart deal from Congress — a deal that could compound the harms that the company already has caused to students and taxpayers. A provision in the highway bill conference agreement would amend the federal Trust Indenture Act in a way that could benefit retroactively two corporations that are facing potential bankruptcy — the casino giant Caesars Entertainment Corp. andEDMC, which operates the Art Institutes, Argosy University, Brown Mackie College, and South University. Both companies recently lost court arguments against minority creditors who invoked the 1939 federal law. If the provision is enacted, it could help EDMC, despite its financial precariousness, avoid bankruptcy and thus remain eligible to receive federal student aid; 80 percentof EDMC’s revenues have come from taxpayers, but bankruptcy automatically cuts off access to this money.  EDMC has received as much as $1.8 billion annually in federal dollars, and even after its predatory practices were exposed, and enrollment plummeted, the company got more than a billion in federal dollars last year… Continue Reading at Huffington... read more

Survey Says Market is Slowing Down, First-Time Homebuyers’ Biggest Obstacle is Student Loan

“America At Home” released it’s third annual survey from NeighborWorks America, a group working for affordable housing and community development, and it finds that a lot of factors show the slowing housing market. The listed reasons include the pressures of student debt, confusion about the mortgage process, and a marriage-rate decline, The survey, conducted earlier this fall included 1,000 US adults. It found that student-loan debt has been growing as an obstacle to the ability to buy homes. 57 percent of respondents who acknowledged having loans said this debt was either “very much” or “somewhat” of an obstacle, eight percent higher  compared to that of last year. Mortgage rates remain low and because of this, first-times find was to build up downpayments. Surprisingly, the reports add that, “nearly 40 percent of respondents said they have received “nothing at all” in terms of information about down-payment assistance programs for middle-income home buyers, programs that could provide thousands of dollars to help bridge savings gaps.”… Continue Reading at Realty Today…... read more

Do More to Stop Predatory For-profit Schools

Last year, federal officials sued ITT Educational Services, which has campuses in Clive and Cedar Rapids, and accused the for-profit school of predatory student lending. That case is still pending, but several months ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission decided to go after ITT, one of the nation’s largest technical schools, from an entirely different angle. The SEC is now charging the school and its two top executives with fraud for allegedly concealing from investors massive losses the company was incurring through two student-loan programs backed by the company. The SEC, the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and various state attorneys general are all cracking down on for-profit colleges that churn out graduates who have little or no prospect of landing a job in their chosen field. The Iowa Attorney General’s Office is suing Fort Dodge-based La’ James International College for consumer fraud, alleging the cosmetology school has engaged in deceptive and unfair practices… Continue Reading at Des Moines Register…... read more

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