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Between student loan debt relief, forgiveness and consolidation, it can be tough for borrowers to determine the best course of action. Unfortunately, some companies prey on that confusion. We are requesting information about your awareness of student loan debt relief companies and/or your experiences working with them.
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Speak Up on Student Loan Servicing

A couple months ago the Department of Education launched a process to overhaul student loan servicing for a better borrower experience. It is crucial that you share your voice so that the Department of Education can create a system that works best for you.
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Resource Library for Student Loan Help

The Borrowers Hotline has helped over 800 people better understand their student loan debt. The phone lines may be closed, but our student loan resource library is always open! Visit www.TheBorrowers.org for helpful tools, repayment information and much more.
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I Was Alone, But I Wanted to Make Something of Myself

“I didn’t have my family to help me with college. I was alone, but I wanted to make something of myself. Well, with not being able to work- because college was so intense for me- I had to take out loans to support myself. I dealt with unemployment for many years because it was during the recession. I dropped out of college because I couldn’t work full time to support myself AND take a full load of work at college because I had two jobs to be stable. I lost motivation, I felt hopeless, and I was in total regret.”
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Student Debt Crisis Takes the White House Student Debt Challenge

We will continue our student loan education by conducting student loan trainings for more than 2,000 professionals. Also, we are building out a student debt program to educate up to 1,000 nonprofit professionals about repayment options and public service loan forgiveness. Student Debt Crisis plans to conduct a series of webinars to reach more than 800,000 people within their membership network.
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Real Life Student Debt Stories

Straight from those whose lives have been affected by the weight of student debt.  

For those who don’t want to take action, go ahead. Go right ahead… In my opinion, I’d much rather find a way to ease the debt or die trying then to live life everyday knowing that I’ll keep owing money to a corrupt state of affairs. Drew

I am a 60 year old mom and I work as a janitor to help my son pay his student loans of which $27,000 are federal and $20,000 are private. It is hard because he has very low wages, and I have arthritis which makes my job even harder. Without my help, the loans would default. Darlene

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