What Would You Do if All Your Student Loans Were Forgiven?

We asked our members a simple question: What would you do if your student loans were forgiven? Using our members’ amazing responses we put together this great list of things that borrowers could do with a little extra cash in their pockets. Isn’t it about time that we freed Americans from burdensome debt, and give them a chance to better contribute to society?

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SDC's Statement on the State of the Union

“By highlighting the need for free community college, President Obama is starting the conversation that higher education is a public good, which must be affordable and accessible to all.”
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Student Loan Debt Curbs Housing Market by $83 billion

440,000- That’s how many home sales will not happen this year because of high levels of student loan debt, according to a report from John Burns Consulting, an Irvine-based firm that advises home builders. That’s equal to about 8% of all home sales, and enough to dent the housing industry by $83 billion a year.

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Student Debt Crisis 2014 Recap

It was a big year for Student Debt Crisis. As an advocacy group, we were beyond thrilled by the surge in exposure of the student debt crisis. We have had many successes this year, and we could not have done it without your support! Here is a recap of our favorite highlights from 2014.

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SDC on NBC News

Student Debt Crisis spoke with NBC News about the growing amount of U.S. singles. With student loan debt climbing, it is no surprise that borrowers’ lives are being negatively affected. From purchasing homes and cars, to starting a family, student debt is holding Americans back in more ways than you would expect!

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Latest Articles on The Student Debt Crisis

The Case For Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Debt forgiveness exists! It exists in the housing sector in the form of foreclosure. Hospitals routinely agree to reduce or eliminate health care debt. Credit card debt can be forgiven through bankruptcy. It’s time we offered debt forgiveness for student loans. In... read more

Forgive Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy

Originally Written – January 29, 2009 By – Robert Applebaum President Obama recently signed into law a $787 billion stimulus package on top of Bush’s grossly mismanaged $700 billion TARP bailout from last September. Several weeks ago, the Federal... read more

Real Life Student Debt Stories

Straight from those whose lives have been affected by the weight of student debt.


For those who don’t want to take action, go ahead. Go right ahead… In my opinion, I’d much rather find a way to ease the debt or die trying then to live life everyday knowing that I’ll keep owing money to a corrupt state of affairs.


I graduated in 2007 with $108,000 and today it has ballooned to $145,00 (50k is federal, 95k is private). Over the past 7 years I have paid over $40,000 towards these loans with none of it touching the principal.


I owed about 40k in student loans about half private half federal. Due to times of unemployment or underemployment I now owe about 50k. I have had times of making serious payments, but it never got me ahead of any of it.