As an organization with crisis in our name, we think of student debt as a long-term, unfolding emergency. Our central mission remains ending America’s now $1.5 trillion student debt crisis.

That mission is dual. We are at once committed to helping students, borrowers, and their families navigate their own personal financial crises brought on by student debt.   At the same time, we are relentless public advocates, lobbying and organizing for enduring and meaningful reforms of the entire student loan process.  

As you may know, recently enacted changes to Department of Education federal student loan policies may directly impact you. These changes are confusing and fast-moving. This is why the Student Debt Crisis team is committed to helping you understand your student loan options in this rapidly shifting climate.

Just as importantly, we’re asking you to partner with us in ending the crisis.  Our webinars will not only equip you to cope with your own loan options, they will provide tools for becoming an advocate for lasting change.

Join our workshop on Saturday, September 29th at 1PM ET/10AM PT to learn more about your student loans.

This summer, we marked six years of dedicated advocacy. Student Debt Crisis supporters have organized 3,000,000 petition signatures and sent over 425,000 letters to lawmakers in Washington. That’s over 1,500 actions taken each and every day.  Student Debt Crisis will not stop fighting until the system you deal with year in and year out is transformed.

Over these past six years, we have developed user-friendly, online student loan workshops. Our team covers essential topics such as income-driven repayment plans, getting out of loan default, and federal loan forgiveness programs. Will you help support our work?

Thank you,

The Student Debt Crisis Team

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