Tuesday is an incredibly important day for our nation. Across the country, millions of Americans are voting in the 2018 midterms election and you must be one of them.

Your voice matters — the futures of federal student loan repayment plans, public service loan forgiveness, and higher education as a whole are on the line. At Student Debt Crisis, we believe in electing representatives who acknowledge the current economic crisis that impacts millions of students and their families across this country. Please, make your voice heard by voting on Tuesday, November 6th.

Voting-Day Checklist

1. Voting is your right. Check out your state’s voting laws and your voter’s rights at RocktheVote.com

2. Polling places can change, so don’t forget to check your polling place every time you vote. Find your polling place here.

3. Voter ID laws vary state to state. You don’t want to be denied the right to vote. Check your state’s voter ID laws here.

 Student loan voter

It is vital that we elect representatives who are truly dedicated to reforming the broken system of higher education in this country. To do so, each and every student loan voter must show up on election day.

Elections can be swayed by just a few powerful voices — but our collective voices are always much, much louder. We can end the student debt crisis, set the country on track to reform the student loan system, and fundamentally change the way students access and pay for higher education in America. It all starts with your vote.

We understand that life can get busy, but we must not forget how important this election is to the wellbeing of our country. Follow our checklist above to make sure you are fully prepared.

Voting isn’t just our civic duty, it is fun! Document this important election by taking a #StudentLoanVoter selfie. Share a pic of you making history online using the hashtag #StudentLoanVoter and we will share as many as we can! (Give us a shout-out @DebtCrisisOrg)

Go vote!

The Student Debt Crisis Team

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