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Hello, my name is _____ and I am calling from [part of state]. I am concerned about the House Republicans’ tax bill. Tax experts from across the spectrum have affirmed that this giveaway to the wealthy and corporations will be paid for by the middle-class, by people like me. Eliminating the student loan interest deduction could mean hundreds of dollars out of the pockets of students and borrowers at a time when Americans are saddled with crippling student loan debt.

What the tax bill means for college students and student loan borrowers:

✖︎ A deduction you use: The tax bill proposes getting rid of the federal tax deduction you can claim for the interest you pay on your student loans up to $2,500. That means you will lose hundreds of dollars in tax refunds every year for as long as you are paying off your student loans.

✖︎ A credit you use: The tax bill proposes eliminating the Lifetime Learning Credit, which allows Americans that cannot attend school full-time or half-time to write off $2,000 worth of tuition expenditures for as long as they need to complete a post-secondary education.

✖︎ An exemption you receive: The bill says that any money you get from an employer towards undergraduate or graduate education is now considered part of your income and subject to tax.

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