Student Debt Across the Nation

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Are you prepared to Vote?

This midterm election will be pivotal in deciding whether or not meaningful student loan reform will be on the agenda for the next Congress. We must use our votes to elect lawmakers who stand for the solutions we have fought hard for. Make sure that student loan reform is front and center on election day and beyond.

45,000,000 Americans with student debt


“If my loans were paid off tomorrow, I would live a normal life… a comfortable home, savings, retirement plan, maybe a vacation here and there, and maybe even kids.” – Erin, Alabama


“The time and energy I put into teaching will never be profitable enough to pay off my student loans. I feel like I am a slave to these lenders and I live in fear of them.” – Talisha, North Carolina


“The current policies are hurting the very people who are attempting to better themselves and in turn better our society.” – A, Alaska


“I am a single parent. My debt is currently twice my yearly salary. I live simply and try to do the best to take care of my son, but I am terrified about how we will make it.” – Sarah, Virginia

Contribute to our efforts to end student debt. 

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