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EMERGENCY PETITION: Vote NO on Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary 

Donald Trump’s nomination for Education Secretary has no experience in public education, she supports privatizing education, and has no stated opinion on America’s student debt crisis. Betsy DeVos’ nomination continues a concerning pattern where Trump chooses wealthy, unqualified individuals for high-level positions in the federal government.

✖︎ Betsy DeVos’ track record speaks for itself. She has zero experience in public education, has never attended public school, nor has she ever been the parent of a public school student.

✖︎ Betsy DeVos has made no mention of the student debt crisis. She is unaware how everyday people are impacted by student loan debt.

✖︎ Betsy DeVos made her career advocating for taxpayer dollars to be taken away from resource-starved public schools.

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I am one of those shouldering student debt, now retired on a fixed income. And, unless this debt is forgiven, I will die before it is paid off.   

 Daniel – Oregon 



For-profit education does not work with taxpayer’s money. The DeVos arm has weakened Michigan’s ability to be competitive against other states.   

 Justin – Michigan 


As a retired teacher I cannot support someone who has no real knowledge of the primary reason a public education was founded in the first place.

 Jarrath – Florida 

Call Your Senators. Tell Them to #StopDeVos.

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 Our Senators have the sole power to #StopDeVos. Please, call them now.  

Call your Senators and urge them to vote “NO” on Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary. Share your student debt struggles and tell them how the student debt crisis impacts you and your family; demand a nominee who takes this problem seriously. 

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