December 1st, 2017
CONTACT: Natalia Abrams

Statement on the Senate GOP Tax Bill

Senate Republicans just passed their tax bill, moving one step closer to finalizing the disastrous GOP Tax Plan. This bill will increase taxes on millions of middle and working-class Americans while adding more than $1 trillion to the national deficit.

GOP leaders have outdone themselves – their plan will increase the cost of higher education by as much as $71 billion. It threatens to eliminate the $2,500 student loan interest tax deduction and it could increase the tax bills of graduate students by a staggering 400%. Republicans made the wrong choice. Instead of investing in students and borrowers, they voted for tax giveaways for the rich.

Student Debt Crisis supporters have sent Congress over 100,000 messages opposing the unpopular GOP Tax Plan. We stand with students, seniors, veterans, and all whose lives will be negatively impacted and we will continue to take action to ensure elected officials are held accountable for increasing taxes on everyday Americans.

Natalia Abrams

Executive Director, Student Debt Crisis


Student Debt Crisis is a nationwide advocacy group with over 1,000,000 supporters calling for fair student loan and higher education policies.

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