Resist! Higher Education is a Public Good, NOT a Private Commodity

Higher Education is under assault in the Age of Trump. With over $1.4 Trillion in outstanding student debt looming on the backs of borrowers, states continuing to disinvest from higher education, as well as threats to the civil rights of students, it’s time to take a stand and reaffirm what it means to be a progressive who supports higher education in this new, uncertain era. Add your name to support higher education as a public good, rather than a private commodity.





Demand Congress defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - #DefendCFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has done crucial work to safeguard Americans against the deceptive and abusive practices of big banks, student loan servicers, credit card companies, and predatory lenders. Congress must protect this important work, not seek to grind it to a halt by gutting its funding, hamstringing its independence, or seeking to unseat the Bureau’s hard working Director, Richard Cordray.





Defend Public Education - Vote NO on Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary

Donald Trump’s nomination for Education Secretary has no experience in public education, she supports privatizing education, and has no stated opinion on America’s student debt crisis. DEMAND the Senate vote “No” on Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary.





Tell Ellen DeGeneres to Dump The 'University' of Phoenix

Ellen, the student loan debt crisis is threatening the American Dream for tens of millions of student loan borrowers. The University of Phoenix deserves not your seal of approval, but condemnation and derision. If you don’t believe us, talk to people we know who have paid for Phoenix about their experience and the quality of instruction they received.





Tell the Department of Education to Fire Sallie Mae/Navient

We the undersigned, demand that the Department of Education fire Sallie Mae/Navient and review all contracts with student loan companies that do business with the federal government. The Department must take serious efforts to keep “bad actors” accountable for scamming students; lucrative loan servicing contracts should only be given to companies that hold the interests of student loan borrowers first. (Better yet, let’s make college FREE and fire all contractors).





Help Us Reach 1.3 MILLION Signers!

Student loan debt has an undeniable and significant effect on economic growth. Forgiving student loan debt directly addresses this enormous boot on the neck of the middle class. represents a glimmer of hope for millions of Americans who, with each passing day, find that the American Dream is more and more out of reach.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, respectfully request that Congress bring forward serious legislation to forgive student loan debt and commit to solving the student debt crisis this year.





Protect the Social Security Promise for Students!

As the heads of Social Security Works and Student Debt Crisis, we pledge that we will always fight in solidarity with each other. Those of us fighting to solve the student debt crisis will also fight to expand Social Security, including restoration of the student benefit, and those of us fighting to expand Social Security will fight to end the student debt crisis.

We make these pledges because we know that the people, united, will never be defeated.


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