No one is above the law. It is time to investigate Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

We demand the Inspector General investigate Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. A pattern of unethical, immoral, and possibly illegal actions make her unfit to serve the American people. Immediate action must be taken.

Call for an investigation into Betsy DeVos’ actions at the Department of Education.

Here’s what has been uncovered so far:

Civil Rights Violations: Betsy DeVos ordered the Office of Civil Rights to dismiss thousands of cases that were backlogged and rolled back Title IX rules that have a major impact on women and LGBTQ students.


Corruption: Betsy DeVos dismantled the unit that investigates fraud at for-profit colleges just weeks after hiring former for-profit college officials to sit in top positions at the Department of Education.


Illegally Delayed Loan Forgiveness: Betsy DeVos intentionally delayed debt relief for students defrauded by shutdown for-profit schools. The inspector general urged the Department to move on a backlog of debt relief claims, but many people are still waiting for their applications to be reviewed.


Conflict of Interest: Betsy DeVos used the Department to award a multi-million dollar student loan debt collection contract to a private company with financial ties to DeVos. The contract was canceled after growing pressure.

Remember, no one is above the law. Tell the Inspector General to Investigate Betsy DeVos now.

Powerful allies are on our side. Senator Elizabeth Warren just demanded a separate investigation into illegal actions at the Department of Education. A legitimate investigation into the Education Secretary must include a thorough review of internal emails, policy documents, meeting agendas, guest lists, and other related materials.

Student Debt Crisis members have been the first line of defense against Betsy DeVos’ agenda from day one. You lead the movement to block her appointment, you stopped her plan to eliminate student loan forgiveness programs, and you haven’t let up. Now, we must demand the truth.

Lend your voice here. Demand a full investigation into Betsy DeVos.

Take action. Share with friends. Make a difference.

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