Student loan forgiveness programs are in jeopardy! Together, we have the power to protect Public Service Loan Forgiveness. That is why we launched our effort #ProtectPSLF.

Sign the petition today. Demanding Congress Protect Student Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Workers.

Congress and the Trump administration are moving forward with their plan to eliminate Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) for Americans with student loan debt. We need you to use your voice to save a program that millions of borrowers depend on.

This is about more than student loan debt. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program is essential to our communities, it provides financial freedom so people can pursue careers that improve our society and allows them to do so without the worries of burdensome student debt.

Petition Congress: Protect Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Loan forgiveness for public service workers was created with bipartisan support in 2007. It ensured that crucial (often underpaid) nurse, teacher, firefighter, and law enforcement careers would be properly staffed with skilled professionals. Congress and allies of the Trump administration plan to kill the program for the next generation of public servants.

This movement is about preserving the wellness of Americans everywhere.

Add your name to the petition. Your actions online are proven to make a difference in Washington.

There are over one million Student Debt Crisis supporters in all 50 states. We are focusing the power of our collective voice to demand that lawmakers commit to the following:

✔️ PROTECTING student loan forgiveness for people who work in public service.
✔️ DEFENDING existing repayment programs that help people lower their monthly payments.
✔️ PRESERVING the long-held American tradition of supporting and encouraging public service.

Send an email directly to your representative’s inbox. Submit your letter using our simple tool here.


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