#OutWithStudentDebt Video Project

Don’t you think it’s time to come out about your student debt?

We at StudentDebtCrisis.org and our incredible coalition of partners think it’s high time that all of us who are suffering with student debt have an outlet to come forward and share our personal stories. The more of us that “come out” and share our student debt stories, the better our chances of turning the dial and, hopefully, create the impetus for some real, concrete change.

Student debtors across the country are coming out! Will you join the movement?

Here’s how to do it:

1. Record a 1-2 minute video of yourself and include the following information:

  • State your name, how much student debt you have, what you would do with the extra money if you weren’t buried under a mound of student debt and explain what you debt currently prohibits you from doing.
  • Check out the sample scripts below to help you get started. Also, check out StudentDebtCrisis.org’s Artistic Director, Aaron Calafato’s instructional video. Click here to view the sample video.

2. Upload your video to YouTube  with the hashtag #OutWithStudentDebt

  • You must include the hashtag #OutWithStudentDebt in the TITLE of your Youtube video to be included in the Project.

3. Check back here on October 1st to vote for your favorite #OutWithStudentDebt Videos.

  • You will help us narrow down all submissions to the best 5 -10 videos.

4. Stay tuned!

  • Part 2 of the #OutWithStudentDebt Project begins on September 4th. Details TBA.

Sample scripts for the #OutWithStudentDebt Project:

1.My name is ___________

And I’m coming out about my student loan debt.

I owe _____________ and it’s changed my life because_______

If I didn’t have this debt, I would ____________________________

2.Hey, Just wanted to say….. I’m coming out about my STUDENT DEBT!

I owe_________________ and my life has forever changed because _____________

So, What would I do if I didn’t have this debt?

I would___________________________

3.It’s taken a long time, but I’m coming out!

I owe ____________ In student loan debt

Here’s how it affects my everyday life:


What would my life be like without student debt? Glad you asked!


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