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Student Loan Resources


Federal and Private Student Loan Information

Learn the difference >>

Student Loan Repayment Options

Learn about repayment plans >>

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Learn the truth about loan forgiveness >>


Student Loan Consolidation

Understand consolidation >>

Student Loan Discharge and Cancellation

See if you qualify >>

Student Loan Delinquency and Default

Find out about delinquency and default >>

 Additional Resources 

 Trusted Sources 

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
National Education Association (NEA)
Department of Education (DoE)

 Letters to Your Lender/Servicer 

“Lower my monthly payments due to financial hardship”
“I want to protect myself from default with a ‘cosigner relief‘”

 Understanding Student Loans 

What should I consider before taking a student loan?   (CFPB,  NEA)
Federal vs. Private Student Loans   (CFPB,  DoE)
What are the types of federal loans available to me?   (CFPB,   DoE)
What is the interest rate on my student loans?   (CFPB,  DoE)
“Comparing Student Aid Offers Tool”   (CFPB)

 Repaying Student Loans 

Understanding student loan repayment   (DoE)
How do I know what my payments will be?   (CFPB,  DoE)
What are my repayment options?   (DoE)
         – Income-Driven Repayment Options-   (DoE,  NEA)
                        Income-Based Repayment “IBR”-   (CFPB,  NEA)
                       Pay As You Earn “PAYE”-   (CFPB,  NEA,  DoE)
                      Revised Pay As You Earn “REPAYE”-   (SDCTICAS)
          – Public Service Loan Forgiveness-   (CFPB,  NEA,  DoE)
Can deferment or forbearance help me? (DoE,  CFPB)

 Understanding Default 

New rules for loan rehabilitation 
Avoiding default
What if I can’t make my monthly payments?

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