It hurts us personally to see what Betsy DeVos is doing to our education system. Specifically, we were appalled by her decision to dismiss civil rights cases and rollback protections that are vital for women in college. That is why we had to take action.

We messaged to Congress calling for an Investigation into Betsy DeVos. Will you join us?

Betsy DeVos’ primary agenda should be creating an equitable system that protects students; ensuring student loan borrowers have a chance at speedy debt relief and forgiveness; and protecting America’s education institutions from corruption by big corporations.

Investigate Betsy DeVos

Instead, Education Secretary DeVos is responsible for:

  • Civil Rights Violations: DeVos dismissed thousands of civil rights cases, denying justice to women, LGBTQ students, and others impacted by recent rollbacks of Title IX protections.
  • Corruption: DeVos dismantled the team that investigates fraud at for-profit colleges. She made the decision after hiring former for-profit college officials to work at the Department of Education.
  • Delaying Student Loan Forgiveness: DeVos illegally blocked student loan debt relief for people who were defrauded by their school.
  • Conflicts of Interest: DeVos awarded a multi-million dollar federal contract to a student loan debt collection company with financial ties to DeVos herself.

We cannot stand by as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos reverses our civil rights protections. We will not watch as she encourages powerful corporations to rob us of our financial well-being. And, we will not accept undue consequences for pursuing education and excelling at what we love.

Help us expose the truth. Message Congress to investigate Betsy DeVos.

Keep up your efforts! Tens of thousands of Student Debt Crisis members are already leading the movement to expose Betsy DeVos’ misconduct. Nevertheless, it takes each and every one of us to truly hold Washington accountable.

Do your part – Send a message to Congress now, then forward this email to your friends.

Fight on!

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