Rhode Island just became the fourth state in the nation to make community college free 

The Promise Scholarship will cover the cost of tuition and fees at the Community College of Rhode Island for new students starting this fall — regardless of their income. 

Lawmakers approved the four-year pilot program on Thursday and appropriated $2.8 million for the first year, as part of the state’s budget.

The governor signed the budget bill moments after the Senate voted on Thursday, breaking a month-long impasse.

To be eligible for the Promise Scholarship, students must be state residents and have graduated high school the previous spring. They must maintain a 2.5 GPA in college while remaining enrolled full-time.

Those who take advantage of the scholarships are also required to live, work, or continue their education in Rhode Island after graduation. The specifics of this policy will be developed by the college, according to the legislation. New York has a similar requirement..


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