The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) provides free legal assistance to eligible individuals. If you reside in Los Angeles County and are facing involuntary student debt collection or attended a for-profit college that defrauded you, please contact LAFLA at (800) 399-4529 between 9am and 12pm Monday through Friday to find out if LAFLA can assist you.

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Here are additional free legal assistance organizations helping student loan borrowers in California:

  • Public Counsel (Los Angeles)
  • Public Law Center (Orange County)
  • Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (Nor Cal)
  • East Bay Community Law Center (Nor Cal)
  • Bay Area Legal Aid (Nor Cal)
  • Legal Aid of San Diego (San Diego)
  • Harvard Law School Project on Predatory Student Lending (Massachusetts)
  • New York Legal Assistance Group (New York)

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