We demand that the Department of Education fire Navient and review all contracts with student loan companies that do business with the federal government. The Department must take serious efforts to keep “bad actors” accountable for scamming students in order to prevent waste, fraud and abuse. Further, lucrative loan servicing contracts should only be given to companies that hold the interests of student loan borrowers first.


Navient’s illegal actions include:

✖︎ Harming servicemembers by ruining their credit scores due to clerical errors

✖︎ Steering borrowers away from lower monthly payments by directing them toward forbearance instead of federal loan repayment options.

✖︎ Misapplied payments that lead to late chages and more fees incurred to student loan borrowers.

✖︎ Miscommunication and failure to communcate vital deadlines that impact borrower’s bottom line.

Demand Betsy DeVos


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