Defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

 4 simple steps to #DefendCFPB 

✔️  The CFPB filed three lawsuits against Navient for overcharging student loan borrowers and ruining the credit scores of disabled veterans. They shut down illegal debt relief companies and challenged dishonest for-profit colleges.

✔️  CFPB enforcement actions have returned over $12 billion in relief to consumers who were hurt by abusive companies.

✔️  Over 1,000,000 consumer complaints have been handled by the CFPB, including thousands against student loan servicing companies.


 STEP #2: Call Your Senators 


Members of Congress have introduced legislation to destroy the CFPB, even though the bureau has provided financial justice for over 29 million consumers harmed by illegal business practices. America cannot afford to let Congress dismantle this important advocate for everyday consumers, like student loan borrowers. We MUST #DefendCFPB.

 STEP #3: Email Congress 

 Watch #DefendCFPB Now 


 STEP #4: Submit a Complaint  


Have an issue with a federal or private student loan company?

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