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I promised by mother before she passed I would finish my degree. I started back to school, using student loans to finance my debt. I received by bachelors and felt forced to get my masters just to be able to place myself in deferment because I couldn't afford to pay my loans. I became a mother myself and had believed that if I obtained my masters, I would find the ultimate job that would help me pay back my student loans fast. I was wrong. Industries are relying more on skillsets these days than degrees. The interest that I am being charged on my loans is absurd and I am going to end up paying more for my loans that I do for my the value of my home. I struggle to make a payment monthly but still do in order to continue to have good credit. Everytime I make a payment I cant afford, it goes unnoticed because the balance never decreases and the interest just continues to add up. I am missing out on experiencing life and being able to take my daughter on vacations or make memories outside of the home because everything we do has to be budgeted. I have called Navient a million times asking for assistance and no one is ever willing to help. I am told that if I don't make the payment, the government has the right to obtain their money by taking directly from my check or seizing my home. I feel hopeless and scammed.

Rebecca Anthony    November 23, 2018    Columbus   

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