Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers

A quick policy guide of student loan solutions

 Who has the courage to step up to America’s new financial crisis? 

Congress has the immense responsibility of solving a student loan debt crisis that is negatively impacting the entire country. We need public policy leaders who will give borrowers financial freedom, and in turn, benefit the economy as a whole.

If leaders want to be taken seriously by student loan advocates, students, borrowers, and concerned parents alike, they will need to pledge to help the 44 million Americans struggling with student loan debt.

This is why Student Debt Crisis has developed The Checklist to Support Student Loan Borrowers–a quick reference guide to policy solutions that public policy leaders must support in order to truly be a champion for student loan borrowers.

  Do You Support: 


Student Loan Refinancing for Federal and Private Loans

Establish a program to refinance both federal and private student loans

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Simplify and Strengthen Repayment Options

Expand and protect repayment options and create simplified systems for enrollment.

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Consumer Protections and Loan Servicer Accountability

Extend consumer protections to all student loan borrowers, ensuring servicers are properly held accountable.

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 Restore Bankruptcy Protection for Student Loans

Restore bankruptcy protections by limiting exceptions and removing the undue hardship rule.

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 Take Action Now: 

Recent Student Loan Legislation

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