April 3rd, 2017
CONTACT: Natalia Abrams

Student Debt Crisis Statement on Senator Bernie Sanders’ College for All Act

Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) unveiled the College For All Act, a sweeping set of reforms that eliminates tuition and fees at public colleges for families making up to $125,000. This bill takes an additional step by addressing the concerns of Americans currently impacted by student debt with reforms that:

  • Cut all student loan interest rates in half.
  • Provide a loan refinancing option for millions of borrowers.
  • Ensure the federal government does not profit from the student loan system.

With 1.4 trillion in overall student loan debt and 44 million current student loan borrowers, it is clear that families across America are bearing the burden of absurd college costs. It is imperative that we pass comprehensive measures that tackle unsustainable tuition increases and the growing student debt crisis -Senator Sanders’ bill does just that.

“There is no doubt that both college costs and student loan debt are holding an entire generation from realizing their dreams. As such, we at Student Debt Crisis support wide reaching reforms like the College For All Act.” said Natalia Abrams, Executive Director of Student Debt Crisis.

Student Debt Crisis has long advocated for a debt-free college plan that makes higher education accessible to all, as well as solutions to easing the debt burden for current borrowers. We applaud Senator Sanders for introducing policies that go beyond debt-free college by addressing the concerns of current student loan borrowers.  

“Everyone in America, regardless of family income, should have access to quality higher education without the exorbitant costs that are all too often associated with pursuing a degree. Senator Sanders’ bill is a significant step towards restoring the notion that higher education is a public good, rather than a private commodity.” Abrams added.


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