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SDC & Partner Memes : Student Debt Crisis

SDC & Partner Memes

| June 30, 2013 | 3 Comments



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  1. glorybe2 says:

    Education should be paid for by the federal government. Students are the minds of the future, Because science and technology have increased vastly we will to need to demand excellence in academics to be far more deeply installed in all able students. We need the heaviest hitting wiz kids of all times in our schools.

  2. Desmond Henry says:

    Good job. I stand with you.

  3. We believe that doubling the interest rate for college students is stupid because the banks & the Govt. are profiting from people who can’t afford the cost of college let alone an extra $1,000 a year in interest. Wake up congress & look at who you are hurting with banks & the govt. profiting. Thank You, Craig & Carol Andrews