Student Debt Crisis In The News

Yahoo! News- Inside the Government’s Student Loan Problem– September 15, 2015

The Los Angeles Times- Student Loan Debt Emerges As Presidential Campaign Issue– September 5, 2015

The New York Times- The Many Pitfalls of Private Student Loans– September 4, 2015

Bustle- Presidential Candidates’ Student Loan Plans Only Hit the Top– August, 27, 2015

Blue Nation Review- Natalia Abrams Explains How We Can Solve the Student Debt Crisis- August 18, 2015 A Lottery to Pay Off Student Loans? N.J. Lawmaker Proposes It– July 6, 2015

Politico- The U.S. Government’s Predatory-lending Program– June 19, 2015

Huffington Post College- Student Loan Repayment Can Be Confusing, So Non-profits Are…- May 15, 2015

The Nation- At Least 240,000 People Want to Cancel All Student Debt– May 4, 2015

International Business Times- Corinthian 15 Student Loan Debt Strike Admirable– February 24, 2015

NBC News- Graduates Delay Marriage – October, 2014

HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher- #FlipADistrict/StudentDebtCrisis – October, 2014

KKSF 910 (San Francisco)- Gil Gross Show – October, 2014

The Forum News Group- Loan Reforms Could Help – October, 2014

KCRA Sacramento- Chasing Paper – September, 2014

The Progressive – Sentenced to Debt – November, 2013

Armchair Advocates – America Comes #OutWithStudentDebt – October 15, 2013

The Nation – #OutWithStudentDebt – August 12, 2013

WKYC (Cleveland) – Local man part of national campaign on college debt – August 12, 2013

RT Americca – Debtors, don’t hide: Group says student debt is nothing to be ashamed of – August 12, 2013

C-SPAN – Politics and the Progressive Movement – July 10, 2013

RT America – Congress doubles student loan interest rates – July 1, 2013

Forbes – Backlash: Student Loan Burden Prevents Borrowers From Buying Homes, Cars – June 26, 2013

Campus Progress –Experts Agree: Student Loan Borrowers Need More Options – June 10, 2013

Examiner – Student Loan Bill Needs Help From the Public Sen. Warren Says – June 3, 2013The Richard Fowler Show –

The Richard Fowler Show –Stafford Rate Increase, What’s At Stake? – April 19, 2013

The Nation – The Student Loan Fairness Act is Only Fair – April 4, 2013

US News/Student Loan Ranger – How the Student Loan Fairness Act Could Benefit Borrowers – April 3, 2013

KPCC – Will 1M Online Signatures Push Congress to Take Up Student Loan Debt Relief – March 25, 2013

BET – Representative Karen Bass Introduces Bill To Relive Student loan Debt – March 22, 2013


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Washington Monthly: Fix the Economy, Forgive Student Loans June 28, 2012
US News & World Report: 1 Million People Show Support for Student Loan Forgiveness Act June 28, 2012
PBS NewsHour: Student Loan Debt: To Pay or Not to Pay? May 31, 2012
PBS Newshour: Student Loans: More Debt, More Defaults, More Problems May 30, 2012
A Story on Student Debt from My Hometown Paper: The Staten Island Advance May 20, 2012
Robert Applebaum on Equal Time Radio May 11, 2012
Robert Applebaum’s article in the Congress Blog of The Hill May 8, 2012
Inside Higher Ed: How Student Debt Became a Focus of the Presidential Campaign May 3, 2012
Robert Appelbaum on The David Pakman Show May 2, 2012
Robert Applebaum on The Richard Fowler Show April 27, 2012
CNN: Obama Should Push Bankruptcy Relief for Student Loans April 26, 2010
RT America: Student Debt Getting in the Way of the American Dream April 25, 2012
Christian Science Monitor: As Student Debt Hits $1Trillion Mark, Protesters Plan Occupy-type Events April 25, 2012
Robert Applebaum on The Mark Reardon Show April 25, 2012
Salon: Protesters’ Furious New Front April 23, 2012
Time: Is Forgiving Student Debt a Good Idea? April 20, 2012
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Jan. 23rd Appearance on Portland’s KBOO “More Talk Radio” January 23, 2012