January 12th, 2016
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Student Debt Crisis’ statement on President Obama’s State of the Union address

Student Debt Crisis applauds President Obama’s commitment to higher education reform over the past 7 years. Tonight, President Barack Obama continued his focus by stating– We have to make college affordable for every American! No hard working student should be stuck ‪in the red‬.”

However, we believe that so much more needs to be done to address the already existing $1.3 Trillion in outstanding student loan debt. More than 43 million Americans are not buying houses or cars, starting businesses or families, or otherwise contributing to rebuilding the economy.

At Student Debt Crisis we will continue to echo our members’ call to help all Americans who are negatively impacted by large debt burdens. We need immediate action to protect private student loan borrowers, defaulted borrowers and hard-working Americans struggling to make ends meet because of exorbitant monthly payments.

“It is our job to continue to push political leaders until we have a comprehensive plan that helps existing borrowers as much as prospective students. That is why we must continue the hardfight for debt-free college and the cancellation of outstanding student loan debt.” Natalia Abrams – Executive Director


With over 1.2 million signatures calling to forgive student loan debt, Student Debt Crisis is deeply committed to reforming the way we pay for higher education in America.

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