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Contact Your Representatives in Congress : Student Debt Crisis

Contact Your Representatives in Congress

Want to make a difference? Write your Senators or Representatives in Congress, telling them that you want them to support H.R. 1330, The Student Loan Fairness Act. Here’s a sample letter you can use, or create your own:

My name is _______ ,

And as your constituent, I strongly encourage you to support HR 1330: The Student Loan Fairness Act. I borrowed ________, paid ________ and still owe_____. Much like so many of my peers, I am so overwhelmed with by the weight of my student loans.

At a time when young people should be planning their lives, many now are faced with inescapable lifelong student debt which sucks away most of their disposable income. Many in our generation wake up every morning and realize that we will never be able to afford a car, a home, health insurance, or even to start a family. The American Dream? Gone.

Since 1978 college tuition has skyrocketed over 900% while, simultaneously, funding for grants continue to be slashed. The result? Students are forced to mortgage their futures with non-dischargeable student loans. Since 1999, student debt has increased by 511%, now $1 Trillion.

To make matters worse, half of recent grads cannot find full-time work, at least 1 out of 5 students currently DEFAULT on their loans, and 60% of employers now use credit checks as part of the hiring process. This results in devastating consequences, including: exorbitant fees and penalties, exploding and usurious interest rates, destroyed credit ratings, possible suspension of driver’s licenses, possible suspension of professional licenses, and more.

Rep _________ this is not a right versus left issue- it’s a human issue. Please support the Student Loan Fairness Act  (HR 1330).