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DONATE : Student Debt Crisis


Thank you for your generous donations to Student Debt Crisis due to your contributions, we have been able to:
1. Produce and promote two outreach videos on student debt:

2. Launch our Student Debt Crisis video challenge and #OutWithStudentDebt Video Project

3. Send Kyle McCarthy, our Director of Communications, to the DNC to advocate and educate about the Student Debt Crisis

4. Build our new Student Debt Crisis website

5. Incorporate as a non-profit organization and apply for 501(c)(4) status

6. Purchase software to manage our mailing list

7. Hire a graphics designer to update our logo

Depending on how much we’re able to raise, we have a number of long-term goals towards which your future contributions would be applied, including:

1. High School Financial Literacy Curriculum and Speaking Tour

2. Trips to Washington, D.C. to lobby on behalf of H.R. 1330

3. Produce and distribute additional outreach and educational videos

4. Research Congressional voting records with respect to higher education and student aid; create a “scorecard” for Members of Congress to inform the public as to who stands on the side of students vs. who stands for the lenders.