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I am a city worker in the city of Baltimore. It seems like every time I get a increase in salary, it's really not a raise. Once the city finish taking out money for the retirement plan and other city due increase in employee paid benefits; I bring home less each time. I have student loans from 2009 that I'm struggling to try to pay. So if I had to put the loan payments in forbearance the interest rates have now increase the loan to over double than what I borrowed and the interest repayment rate is twice as high as when I initially borrowed. so how can they change the rate of interest from what I borrow to a different interest rate to repay. I will never be able to pay this loan off with the low wages I make with my degree and the constancies rate of repayment increasing. I'm on the phone with fedloan just about every 2 to 3 months. Trying to find a way to pay back, without having to go without the necessities

Sharmel Rhyne    January 19, 2018    Baltimore, MD   

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