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I was the first one in my family to go to college. I was the first (and only) one in my family to get a doctorate degree. My family could not afford to send me to college, but I knew it was where I needed to be so I took out loan after loan (including private loans) to help pay for the tuition. I went on to get my doctorate and accumulated more student loan debt. I was lucky enough in graduate school to have a loan counselor speak to me about PSLF and different repayment plans in order to make my astronomical monthly bill manageable.

When I graduated I knew the only thing I could go was go into public service and work at a not for profit company. I absolutely love my job and the people I serve, but it is tough to make ends meet on the pay. I still pay $900/month in loan payments even on the IBR plans because of private student loans. If PSLF is taken away it will not be possible for me to continue working in a place I love because I would not be able to make my student loan payments. It's frustrating to listen to politicians speak about student loan debt and eliminating programs people rely on, since they have most likely never experienced what most of us go through on a month to month or even daily basis.

Sara D    November 3, 2017   

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