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I really don't know where to start . I'm in debt up to my neck because of student loans and living in pretty terrible conditions. I sleep on the floor at my current place of resident. Imagine me, - college graduate with a full time job and I sleep on the Floor in a room with my sister and my mother. They lost there house so I lost my roof and so we moved in with other family and jobs have been scarce. For three years I have been living like this . I can't move out because I can't even afford to save . My loans keep me busy. They make sure I pay or threaten to burden my grandparents who are struggling with medical bills .i have never had a space to really call my own because I thought that I would be able to get out of college and get work that paid, but after it was a lot bleaker then I thought . I have two private loans a third that defaulted and so my grandparents paid it off with there advance cash and so I pay them money and I have a federal that I can't even think about because the truth is , I can't pay it . The interest on my private loans are so high I can't even imagine getting out of my situation any time soon. Thanks America.

melanie    January 4, 2017    NEW York   

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