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I earned a master's degree in Education in 2007. I owe over $60,000 in student loans accumulated while working full time while raising two children as a single parent. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder because I was sexually abused for a decade as a child. Social Security does not believe I have these ailments (even though years of doctors' reports stated I did) because I was able to work 8 hours per week from bed teaching online and "made too much money" doing so. I needed to feed my children and keep a roof over my head while I was waiting for their disability approval. So I was forced to return to work full time and pay back $60,000 in social security benefits paid to me. Now, I am in a temporary position working outside the home and suffering greatly every day with anxiety and chronic diarrhea. I have $60,000 in student loan debt and $60,000 in social security debt and I break down and cry every day about it. Thanks for listening anyway. It helps to put it out there sometimes. We all have heavy burdens to carry. 🙁

Theresa Avila    March 13, 2018    SANTA MARIA   

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