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I have worked in the nonprofit sector serving my community for nearly 20 years now. I chose this field because it is my passion. I knew that it would mean a lower income and I was fine with it because I love what I do. I chose to live a modest life. I knew pursuing higher education was in my best interest and the only way I could afford it was through loans. I cannot advise low income students like myself on how to use education to get out of poverty if I hadn't pursued the higher education degrees that I did. When PSLF was introduced, it was such a bonus and incentive to give more of my time to others! I felt like I would be earning a reward for my years of service. To think that someone who has never been in a public school, never had to take out a loan or get a scholarship, never had to do work-study, never had to scrape for books, and never done research or even become an expert in her field could take that away from students like me makes me really angry. So misguided! So uneducated! So biased and bigoted against low income and first generation communities and graduates who use student loans and PSLF to bring our communities up.

Nancy    September 30, 2017    Denver   

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