College Isn’t Cheap – Infographic

College Isn’t Cheap – Infographic

There are dozens of benefits that justify earning a higher education, including–but by no means limited to–better employment prospects, access to jobs with higher pay and the broadening of a college student’s social and mental horizons. Even so, approximately one in two high school graduates choose to forgo these potential benefits because they cannot reconcile the cost of the college experience with the bleak reality of the financial situation in which many new college grads find themselves…

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College Isn't Cheap

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  1. I want to participate but do not want to be forced to use facebook.

    My son graduated in 2006 with a loan amount of 33000.00. I did my best to pay his 120000.00 education but my pay dropped considerably 2 years after he started. I was devastated but my hands were tied. He then married into another 100000.00 college debt. It’s tough to watch your kids future disappear. We all lost a great deal of our earning power, as these universities continue to spend-raising salaries, and infrastructure. I believe it is time to lower the salaries and perks that these professors earn. Not to mention the ridiculous amount that professors who write the text books charge for their Updated versions. We All lost a great deal of earning power, especially our Well-Educated offspring. The business community has stopped offering pensions and has limited health care benefits. When will the college teachers participate in this economy?


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